A bicycle racing club in New York City, the Century Road Club Association provides coaching and friendly competition for all ages.

NYC Parks Department –
Stay informed of local Parks Department news.

NYC Department of Transportation –
NYC’s Department of Transportation has set up an informaative website with bicycling specific info here.  Helpful features on the site range from being able to sign up to have a bike rack installed in your neighborhood to subscribing to DOT bicycle-related e-newsletters. The entire website keeps getting better and is a great resource for residents.

5BBC –
The Five Borough Bicycle club is the sponsor of the famous Montauk Century. If completing a century is one of your goals, this is the one to do (hint = no hills!). The club also hosts tons of weekend rides just outside Manhattan. A great way to explore all the riding NYC has to offer!

New York City Mountain Bike Association –
The NYCMBA is dedicated to fostering the mountain biking community in NYC through constructing and maintaining mountain biking trails in all five bouroghs.

Transportation Alternatives –
Founded in 1973, TA’s mission is to reclaim New York City’s streets from the automobile, and to advocate for bicycling, walking and public transit as the best transportation alternatives. Check out their newly designed website!

Streetsblog –
Started by TA, The Open Planning Project, and The Project for Public Spaces, Streetsblog is your web source for all things transportation related in and around NYC. Self-billed as “Covering the New York Streets Renaissance” Streetsblog provides comprehensive coverage on current issues such as congestion pricing, MTA policies, and bike parking. Add it to your RSS feed for a daily dose of reality.

Local Critical Mass Rides –
Time’s Up! organizes the local Critical Mass rides, which have grown in popularity (and infamy) in the past few years. The concept is simple – cyclists meet once a month and take to the streets. Depending on the turnout, strength in numbers takes care of the rest.

NYVelocity –
Whether you’re a club racer or a Cat 1, NY Velocity should be your home for bike racing in NYC.

Westchester Mountain Bike Association –
The WMBA advocates for the mountain biking community through volunteer work and cooperation with other trail users, private land owners and public agencies. The WMBA’s efforts ensure well maintained, safe and environmentally sound trails for everyone to enjoy.

Everyone’s a wine critic these days, including the beloved Bob Roll. In a recent Q&A (see around 7:30) Bobke recommends 2005 Red Burgundy (“both red and white absolutely slammin’ ”), 2009 Bordeaux ([but] “not for an old guy like me”), and anything from Piedmont (Barbera, Barbaresco, Barolo … you won’t be disappointed). These are all great suggestions, Bob, but how do you make sure you’re not getting ripped off? Luckily a friend and consultant to NYC Velo also runs a website for wine deals so you can drink great juice while saving your hard-earned cash for that IndyFab you’ve been dreaming about.

NYC Velo helps cyclists of all types find their perfect ride.