Andrew, owner. Andrew has 20 years experience as a road, mountain bike, and cyclocross racer. His attraction to the sport began in 1989 after watching Greg Lemond come from behind in the last stage of the Tour de France to win by the closest margin in history. Greg’s performance, along with those of Andy Hampsten, Sean Kelly, and Lance Armstrong, inspired his cycling career. Andrew raced for his collegiate cycling team and Independent Fabrication, as well as teams in Houston, Omaha, and New York City. He has raced in dozens of states throughout the country, from California to New York. Andrew has been active in cycling advocacy since the beginning of his career including participating in the 2000 Journey of Hope, a 2-month, 3800 mile bike trek from San Francisco to Washington, D.C to benefit people with disabilities. As a bike shop owner, Andrew believes in philanthropy and is a committed sponsor of the Journey of Hope. NYC Velo also supports Transportation Alternatives and encourages regular bicycle commuting.
Andrew graduated from Texas A&M with an engineering degree. Upon arriving in NYC, he took on the streets as a bike messenger. He then went on to work for several years as a management consultant specializing in supply chain management throughout the country, always keeping his home base as NYC. In 2004, Andrew’s love of the city brought him back home full time. He spent some time with a well-known Manhattan shop before venturing out on his own. Andrew’s passion for cycling of all types and his desire to create the most customer friendly shop in the city led him to open NYC Velo.


Chris Feltman, Chris summed up his first ride in NYC by saying,”It’s just like riding at home, but the trees move!” Chris moved to NYC from the Berkshires of Western MA in December 2005 to pursue a career in Geotechnical Engineering. It wasn’t long before he needed to be amongst bikes and those who ride them. He started part time at NYC Velo after recovering from a St Patty’s Day bender, but after only a few short months, he knew he’d much rather be riding the streets of NYC than driving anywhere else.
Martin Werneth, southern by birth- awesome by the grace of god, started into the cycling industry in 1996 at Cadence 120 bike shop in Mobile Alabama. In 2003, with the din of banjos fading off into the distance, made his way to San Francisco, CA. Focusing on his career in the Bay Area bicycle industry, he wavered only once by working as a pizza cook, the duration of which being but one day. In addition to being the Service Manager for Northern California’s largest bicycle retailer, he also received his USCF mechanic certification in 2004, which saw him working with Rock Racing during the AMGEN Tour of California. In 2008 he married his culinary genius sweetheart, Erin. That same year he and some miscreant buddies launched San Francisco’s world famous Soil Saloon underground race series, which still thrives in his absence. 2010 marked milestone in he and Erin’s life with the arrival of their son Seven, who’s first bike was prepared well before his birth. We welcome him to New York and the management team here at NYC Velo. Stop on by and say hi, he’s sure to have a story to tell, and he isn’t nearly as scary as he looks.

Brett Champlain grew up riding in rural, Western Colorado. Some of his earliest memories are: accidentally riding into a full canal and being pulled out by his mom, his older sister super-gluing tumbleweeds to his chain-guard, his dad helping him paint his first bike, and his granddad teaching him how to patch tubes. Riding keeps his mind calm and close to family, off-road racing keeps him nervous and motivated. His riding has improved since that canal incident. His service and repair skills have come leaps and bounds since patching those first tubes. He has found asylum from a previous life in the kitchen, and is happy to be at home, surrounded by great mechanics as NYC Velo’s Service Manager.

Giotto is a relatively recent arrival at NYC Velo, and she has immediately established herself as the most productive member of our staff. Keeping the salesguys, wrenches and tired customers caffeinated all day is no easy task, but Giotta handles it with style. She is a limited edition model (62/100), sporting the winners of every Giro d’Italia on her sexy chrome exterior. She produces beautiful crema all day, and can handle short, single, and double shots non c’è problema. Stop in, give her a wink and a smile, and she’ll make your day.
Mini Mazzer We brought on “the Mazz” to serve as a loyal sidekick to Giotto. He grinds beans all day from the likes of DeLa Paz, Blue Bottle, Stumptown, and more, without complaint. When Giotto first saw him, she said “You had me at Mini…”

The Bullpen
Past or semi-regular employees who pitch in from time to time.
William “Billy Spaceman” Bleichner has been a mechanic for, advisor to and friend of the bicycle industry for his entire adult life. Billy enjoys (at his own pace mind you) most every discipline of cycling. You can find him riding anywhere from the dirt to the oval, and all roads in between. Billy first started turning wrenches professionally in 1997, and has since honed his skills in the finest shops in bike friendly cities such as San Francisco, Portland Oregon, Melbourne Australia, and Reno Nevada (hey, it was good enough for Greg Lemond!). He enjoys coffee, extoling Merckx, a thoughtful wheel build, and discussion of all these things and more.
Ishmael Ubiles, Ish (as he’s known around the shop) was introduced to bikes by his Dad at the tender age of six. In the ensuing years, Ish has acquired many different rides and is generally the first in the shop to try out the newest bike craze. Currently topping his list are 29er mountain bikes – like his beloved Bianchi Rita singlespeed. And while it’s true that Ish likes to throw out intimidating terms like “head angle”, “increased contact patch”, and “kick butt descents”, don’t let that scare you – he’s actually a big softie.
Tony arrived in NYC in 2008 from Boulder, Colorado. His roots are in Mountain biking and dirt jumping. Every chance he gets he heads back west ride Rocky Mountain single track or explore the desert trails of Moab, UT. When in NYC you can find Tony ridding around on his single speed searching for the best Mexican restaurant (one that serves southwestern green chili).
Christophe Jammet, aka “CJ” was born and raised on the mean streets of the upper east side of Manhattan. He started racing road and cyclocross about 5 years ago and has recently developed a budding romance with mountain biking. CJ is our resident Web/Social media/blog guy, and works as a freelance digital strategist. When he’s not busy getting paid to mess around on Facebook, he can be found organizing and promoting major cycling events in the city such as Staten CX, the Harlem Skyscraper Cycling Classic, and various bike race viewing parties. He’s also the captain of one of our sponsored teams, W&D Racing.
Keegan Schelling, Growing up in beautiful Berkshire county MA, the mountains have literally been his backyard where he forged countless trails and jumps. At 16 he apprenticed as a mechanic at The Spoke near his hometown. After five years, Keegan was ready to join the NYC Velo, possessing knowledge and experience far beyond his 21 years.
In between the occasional bike vs. car showdown, Keegan plays bass in jazz fusion bands, and is a freelance sound recordist.  Plus, he’s a rapper.
Will Howkinson, Will started
turning wrenches in Berkeley, CA when Santa Cruz Tazmons, WTB
Phoenixes, and Bontrager Race Lites were the bikes to have. His
gear-head resume covers years of experience in the Bay Area, including time wrenching at Medina Cycleworks (aka Wrenchscience).
Strangely enough though, Will claims to have never owned any
purple anodized gear. After cycling (read “suffering”) the Great Divide Route during the summer of 2005, Will was bitten yet again by the bike bug and now rides the local trails as much as he can. He will also be making appearances on the regional DH racing circuit, so keep an eye out for the tall guy with the fierce race grimace.

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