Tim Johnson at NYC Velo Recap

It was a cold, wet Sunday morning on the lower east side.  The shop, normally closed till 11AM, was teeming with damp cyclists craving something hot and caffienated.

They had all met up that morning to either meet or join Tim Johnson and Richard Fries as they pedaled their way from Boston to Washington, DC in 5 days.

We’ll look for any excuse to hang out with the Multi-national cyclocross champ (and overall nice guy), but Tim’s current quest happens to be one that is close to our hearts.  Tim and Richard have been riding to raise money an awareness for Bikes Belong.  Bikes Belong is sponsored by the U.S. bicycle industry with the goal of putting more people on bicycles more often.  They do this by aiming to maximize federal funding for bicycle roadways as well as promoting cycling culture.

photos in slideshow by Eloy Anzola

As we all hung out with Tim and his crew, munching on breakfast burritos and drinking Ben’s delicious coffee concoctions, we couldn’t help but have smiles on our faces.  We’re proud to be involved in a scene full of active people who share their love of riding and competition with each other.  Gives us the warm and fuzzies.

Tim and Richard told us all about their goals and why they’re riding on Washington, and we think it’s a great cause.  If you want to see cycling become a more realistic part of every American’s lives, then this is the organization to toss a few bucks to.  Every dollar you donate can be converted into $1800 in federal funding towards roads and other cycling programs.

Check out the donation page here:  https://www.pledgereg.com/19449

Good luck on the ride, guys!

photos in slideshow by Mike Spriggs

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