Brompton S2E Flame Lacquer


Immensely portable, fun to ride, and master-crafted, Brompton folding bicycles are some of the best out there! Designed and built in London, Bromptons have garnered what is much more than a cult following - these are bikes that can last a lifetime. 

The 16 inch wheel size allows for quick handling on the city streets, as well as the best-in-class dimensions when folded. Many luggage options and other accessories are also available.

The S designation refers to the S-style handlebars, Brompton's most aggressive and sporty choice. With lower positioning, the S handlebars place the rider in an aerodynamic and competitive position.

The 2 indicates the 2-speed drivetrain, with a 2-speed external derailleur and gears.

The E indicates the most basic, stripped-down build: No mudguards, rack or pump. Going without mudguards looks good and is also the lightest and least expensive option; but the bike is less stable when folded, there’s no protection from water and dirt on the road.

This model also includes Schwalbe Kojack tires.

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