The Fridge Burrito Handlebar Bag Orange

This bag is not a lifetime-warranty bike-packing gadget. This is not a RAAM-approved satchel meant for year-round bike touring, or attempts at the Great Divide record.

This is the "clip on fender" of handlebar bags.

This bag was built by The Fridge for a specific and narrow set of circumstances: you need a bag dangling from your handlebars while you ride your bike, but don't want something heavy, bulky or permanent. Such scenarios are, but not limited to, finding a giant pine cone on the side of the road and bringing it home, transporting a large beer to the top of your favorite climb, carrying your arm and leg warmers after the early morning chill burns off, carrying a spare tubular tire while rolling home from a race, buying too many snacks to fit in your jersey pockets, carrying your friend's snacks, carrying a spare tube for your friend who only rides race tires, bringing home maple syrup you bought, or transporting dirt.

These bags are sewn out of ripstop nylon and velcro to keep them small and packable. When you want a clean cockpit they are easy to remove from your bike, and compact and easy enough to store in a jersey pocket. If you are looking for an overbuilt permanent handlebar bag for your touring bike this is not it. Dimensions are 10 inches long with a 4 inch diameter. Velcro closure and two velcro straps to attach to handlebar with a third strap on the back to attach around cables (if you got em).

Hand sewn in USA out of locally purchased materials.


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